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The Road Home

In The Road Home, Mimi Morton Buckley invites you to explore the meaning of home and what makes it so. Written as a letter to her children, it offers a fresh perspective on the everyday activities inherent in the life of a householder:

Householding as a spiritual path gives meaning and depth to the art of homemaking, whose importance as a foundation for happiness is undervalued and often goes unseen. It would appear that homemaking has become another cultural casualty, one easily added to the endangered species list of our world. I want to share these stories with you so that we can all remember how valuable a resource it is.

Delivered as a spacious alternative to the often bleak stereotypes of marriage, birth, childrearing, teenagers, the empty nest, and dying, we understand householding as a practice that offers an endless opportunity to cultivate meaningful connection and the feeling of being at home within ourselves, wherever that may be.

Price: $20.00

Proceeds from the sale of the prints will benefit Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. Zen Hospice Project provides end-of life care for individuals suffering from cancer, AIDS and other illnesses.

The Road Home by Mimi Morton Buckley  



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